The Ombre Collection

If you’re looking to buy new fabric pattern designs this is Scout. It’s one of the dozen hand drawn and painted designer fabric patterns featured in the debut Ombre collection. Ombre has been created by British landscape artist M J Forster and now as Matthew John with Ombre. The two strands of his work influence each other greatly particularly with the use of colour contrast and harmonies.

The geometric structure of these fabric pattern designs make them ideal across a range of uses. The initial artwork that creates the geometric patterns is all hand measured with a pencil and metal ruler. Most often the geometric origin is a square, either 10,9 or 8cm and their further subdivisions. Then using a permanent marker the lines are drawn adding either diagonal lines or if needed the various scales of circles.

Ombré Touchstone Fabric Pattern

Matthew John’s use of colour and the precise execution of it’s transition makes the Ombre geometric patterns so distinctive. As an accomplished colourist Matthew’s palette is derived from only the primary colours.

He paints using artist quality watercolour paint. The colours are cadmium yellow and red, alizarin crimson and three blues cerulean, cobalt and French ultramarine. All are applied with a prolene pro-arte brush, most often a size 10. Matthew paints on a heavy watercolour paper 425gsm with a rough texture. This enhances the hand painted appearance of these vibrant colourful designer fabric patterns.

The colour transition is achieved by mixing paint in wine glasses literally drop by drop. With Scout it starts with a light brown and moves to a richer brown. This is achieved by adding a purple in increasing quantities across the design.

Ombré Touchstone Fabric Roll

This all sounds simple however it takes massive concentration as one error means starting all over again. The same can be said for the application of the paint. The combination of watercolour and permanent marker and the accuracy of the colour transition are all what make these fabric designs so unique. One must always remember that with the initial conception and execution of an Ombre design there is no computer, only the artists skill.

You can buy these fabric pattern designs by following the link to the shop on the website. The twelve designs are available by the meter in a range of fabrics and with free delivery in the UK there is no minimum order.

Ombré Touchstone Fabric Pattern

The Ombre collection will expand over time and you’ll be able to buy new fabric pattern designs over time. There are plans to create other applications for what are essentially multi use surface patterns.

For newsletter updates, potential collaborations, or any other information you can contact Matthew directly through the contact form.

To see the extensive work of Matthew as M J Forster follow this link to his fine art website

Patterns have always been a passion for British designer Matthew John, combining the endless possibilities geometry offers with his unique Ombré colour transition


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