About the Patterns

Patterns are a passion for British designer Matthew John. By combining the endless possibilities of geometry with his unique Ombré colour transition the debut collection of his first dozen transcendent designs has evolved.

Enhance your creativity

With an Ombre fabric pattern as unlike the vast majority of fabrics on the market these designs are all conceived on the drawing board using physical materials. Boldly drawn in permanent marker and painted in watercolour the process leaves no room for error. They are unparalleled in their conception and execution. As a collection and individually they are unique within the realm of surface design and there is the thrilling prospect of further Ombre collections in 2022 and beyond.

As Original Artworks

Collectively they embrace the entire compass of the colour wheel and are conceived through an exacting process that demands precision as each image is informed by its predecessor. It would be a feat of a talented imagination to produce a true Ombre design from one initial conception.

They originate from although may not always show a square. It is when bisecting these in combinations of triangles and circle circumferences the foundation of an Ombre visual is created. A true Ombré design occurs when coloured and white paper establish an equilibrium creating a pure pattern. With the addition of further selectively placed lines a fractured symmetry and a secondary repetitive pattern are created.

It is the scale and relationship between these further divisions of space that result in a fractal image where minor variables create extended variations. All these elements when combined with the angle of orientation enhance the breadth of perceptible shapes while maintaining an accessible visual simplicity. You will truly come to realise their perfect blend of reality and illusion only when your first Ombre fabric is in front of you.

Ombré Fabian Fabric Pattern

Use Them

Matthew John’s Ombré fabrics offer tool that can enhance and redefine a range of creative projects to whatever level of simplicity or complication you as the creator may wish. The spring 2022 collection represents the first taste of the future direction of truly inventive modern British fabric design.

Ideal For Small Projects

The Ombre fabric range is available by the meter as a minimum order. So, for crafters wanting to style your own accessory range from tote bags to cushions, or if you’re in the fashion industry and love to sew be inspired by the vibrant colour range ideal for a standout dress, scarves and other ready to wear garments. For quilters and patch workers the geometric designs offer limitless possibilities alongside a functional readymade pattern for cheaters quilts and more simple designs.

Interior Designers

You can realize your vision for a contemporary design project be it residential or commercial by exploring the range of available fabrics and using the print on demand service to have your order drop shipped in quantities tailored to your business needs. For large-scale textiles such as rugs, bedspreads, upholstery and wall hangings you can mix and match your chosen fabrics to create a modern and stylish interior space. Also make sure you look out for the wallpaper selection which will shortly be available by the roll.

Authentic Personalised Artwork

Why not enquire about owning one of the original designs in the collection or others Matthew has available. If your feeling brave you can commission him to make a handmade designer lampshade using an original Ombre design. For more information about either of these options contact him directly at

Discount Code

Finally for students, recent graduates or single person start-up businesses why not sign up for the newsletter and contact Matthew for a unique discount code.

Get creative

Show and share your Ombré fabric creativity, send photos or a website link of your creations and we’ll feature them here.

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